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By fostering a culture of inclusiveness, teamwork, and the skillful blending of diverse perspectives, our commitment revolves around securing financial support, allocating resources, and instigating authentic transformation. Be part of our endeavor as we coordinate a mosaic of change, where creativity blossoms, innovation prospers, and the urban landscape resonates with the cadence of collective journeys.

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The essence of The Philadelphia Jazz Experience lies in revitalizing and safeguarding the abundant heritage of jazz, not solely as a musical genre but as a dynamic cultural influence that transcends temporal and tribal boundaries. We are committed to cultivating the vibrancy of jazz, guaranteeing its lasting impact in our community for generations to come.

Our Vision

Our goal is to thrust jazz into the limelight, pulsating with vitality, serving as a living tribute to Philadelphia's cultural legacy and a steadfast wellspring of inspiration for the generations that follow.

Our Approach

Our aspiration is to be a catalyst for positive transformation in the jazz arena, reshaping the very notion of influence. As catalysts, we bring together jazz enthusiasts, artists, and advocates, harmonizing our community's collective voice for greater impact.

Our Commitment

We stand apart from the conventional 501(c)(3) organizations; we are a catalyst for tangible change. With a keen understanding of the challenges facing jazz, we harness our resources to curate impactful initiatives that make a difference. From sparking the creation of compelling jazz documentaries to nurturing the development of awe-inspiring jazz murals, our endeavors go beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting imprint.

Our Beacon

At the core of our vision lies the manifestation of a genuine Jazz & Blues Festival, infusing vitality into the soul of Philadelphia. This festival serves as a loom, intricately weaving together cultural threads, paying homage to the city's storied jazz legacy, and fostering its ongoing evolution.

We champion inclusivity, collaboration, and the skillful blending of diverse voices. Our commitment to securing funds, allocating resources, and instigating authentic change remains steadfast.

Come together with us as we conduct a symphony of transformation, where jazz flourishes, creativity prospers, and the city resonates with the rhythm of shared experiences. Together, we embody The Philadelphia Jazz Experience.


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Uncover the educational facet of jazz through our programs and workshops. Our commitment lies in nurturing a new generation of jazz enthusiasts and musicians. Delve into the educational initiatives we endorse and embrace the transformative power of jazz education.


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Harry Hayman Philadelphia: The Jazz Experience

Jazz music fans often search for new beats and inspiring stories. Harry Hayman of Philadelphia is a key name in the local jazz scene, with over three decades of experience. This article will take you through Hayman's journey and the vibrant world of Philly jazz, providing insights into its culture and impact.

Let's dive into the rhythm of the city!

Key Takeaways

  • Harry Hayman is a big name in Philadelphia's jazz scene. He helps new businesses grow and knows a lot about marketing and making companies strong.
  • Harry works at PNB, LLC as a Director and Partner, where he makes important choices to help the company do well.
  • The African American Museum in Philadelphia has Harry as its CEO. He talks to people about how jazz music has shaped Philly.
  • Jazz history in Philadelphia is full of famous musicians like John Coltrane. There are many places to enjoy jazz music, like The Kimmel Center and South Jazz Kitchen.
  • Events like the Annual Center City Jazz Festival show how important jazz is to Philly's culture. Harry Hayman plays a role in these events through his work with the Philadelphia Jazz Experience.

Harry Hayman: A Prominent Figure in Philadelphia

Harry Hayman has had a successful career in entrepreneurial environments, specializing in start-up ventures, marketing, and business development. He currently serves as Director and Partner at PNB, LLC.

Career in entrepreneurial environments

Working in entrepreneurial environments, Hayman has made his mark by helping new businesses grow. He is the owner of Gemini Hospitality Consultants and knows a lot about starting companies, marketing them, and making them flourish.

His work doesn't stop there. Hayman is also a Director and Partner at PNB, LLC where he brings his sharp business skills to help manage the firm.

His knack for creating success can be seen through Bynum Hospitality Group and East Coast Saloons as well as his lead role with Renegade Tacos. These ventures show that he's not only good at leading teams but also understands what customers want.

Through these various roles, Hayman shapes ideas into successful projects and drives growth within the hospitality industry.

Specializes in start-up ventures, marketing, and business development

Harry Hayman shines in helping new businesses grow, selling their ideas, and building them up. Through his company Gemini Hospitality Consultants, he guides start-ups on how to succeed.

His expertise is not just about starting a business; it's also about making sure people know about it through smart marketing. He takes fresh ideas and gives them the tools to thrive in competitive markets.

Hayman uses his skills at the Philadelphia Jazz Experience too. Here he makes sure that jazz music and musicians get the attention they deserve in Philly's vibrant scene. By promoting events and concerts effectively, he helps jazz artists turn their passion into successful business ventures.

This isn't just good for the artists; it brings new life to Philadelphia's rich jazz culture as well.

Director and Partner at PNB, LLC

Harry Hayman brings his business know-how to PNB, LLC as a Director and Partner. His role includes making big decisions that help the company grow. He uses his skills in starting new businesses and marketing them well.

Harry works hard to make sure PNB, LLC does great things in its field.

Harry Hayman's Affiliations

As a professional keynote speaker and CEO of the African American Museum in Philadelphia, Harry Hayman is deeply involved in community engagement and education. He also serves as a Senior Fellow for the Food Economy/Policy at The American University, showcasing his commitment to addressing important social and economic issues.

Professional keynote speaker

Harry Hayman has been actively involved in community organizations such as Feed Philly Coalition and the American University, where he uses his expertise to make a positive impact.

Although Harry Hayman is not directly affiliated with being a professional keynote speaker, he has undoubtedly contributed valuable insights and knowledge through speaking engagements on various platforms about entrepreneurship and business development.

His influential role extends beyond traditional speaking roles, making him an integral part of the dialogue surrounding important issues.

CEO of the African American Museum in Philadelphia

As the CEO of the African American Museum in Philadelphia, Harry Hayman has played a crucial role in promoting and preserving the city's rich jazz history. With his community involvement and professional keynote speaking engagements, he has contributed significantly to showcasing the cultural impact and influence of jazz on the city.

Additionally, as a Senior Fellow for the Food Economy/Policy, Harry Hayman's affiliations have further emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating Philadelphia's vibrant jazz experience.

Now let’s delve into Harry Hayman\'s significant career in entrepreneurial environments and his specialized skills in start-up ventures, marketing, and business development.

Senior Fellow for the Food Economy/Policy

Transitioning from his role as the CEO of the African American Museum in Philadelphia, Harry Hayman also serves as a Senior Fellow for the Food Economy/Policy. In this capacity, he contributes to shaping policies and initiatives that impact food systems and economies.

Committed to fostering sustainable practices, Hayman's work focuses on advocating for equitable access to fresh, nutritious food within urban communities. He actively collaborates with local organizations and policymakers to drive positive change in food economies while addressing societal disparities related to nutrition.

Harry Hayman further leverages his expertise to address pressing issues such as food insecurity and promoting community-based solutions through education and advocacy. His dedication extends beyond traditional policy-making by engaging directly with underserved populations, empowering them with tools and resources essential for building healthier, more resilient food systems.

The Jazz Experience in Philadelphia

Explore the rich jazz history and cultural impact of Philadelphia, including notable venues and events that have shaped the city's musical landscape. Find out more about Harry Hayman's connection to the vibrant jazz scene in Philadelphia by reading the full blog.

The city's rich jazz history

Philadelphia boasts a rich jazz history, with influential musicians like John Coltrane and Dizzy Gillespie calling the city home. The vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of Philadelphia have long served as breeding grounds for exceptional jazz talent.

This storied musical tradition has left an indelible mark on the city's cultural landscape, shaping its identity and fostering a thriving community of jazz enthusiasts. From historic clubs to outdoor festivals, Philadelphia pulsates with the rhythmic energy of jazz, offering both seasoned aficionados and curious newcomers alike an immersive experience into this timeless art form.

Notable jazz venues and events

Philadelphia has notable jazz venues and events that contribute to the city's rich music scene. The venues and events include:

  1. The Kimmel Center: A prominent venue that hosts jazz performances, including those by Harry Hayman.
  2. Philadelphia Museum of Art: Known for its jazz events and concerts, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talent.
  3. Annual Center City Jazz Festival: This event brings together talented musicians from various backgrounds to celebrate jazz culture in Philadelphia.
  4. South Jazz Kitchen: A popular venue that offers live jazz performances along with classic Southern cuisine, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.
  5. Lancaster Avenue Jazz and Arts Festival: An annual festival celebrated in West Philadelphia, featuring a mix of jazz performances, arts, and food vendors, representing the city's diverse culture.

Cultural impact and influence on the city

Philadelphia's rich jazz history has deeply influenced the city's cultural identity, shaping its vibrant and diverse atmosphere. Renowned musicians like John Coltrane and Dizzy Gillespie have left an indelible mark on the local community, inspiring both established artists and budding talents.

The city buzzes with numerous jazz festivals and events, celebrating the genre's impact on Philadelphia's cultural landscape.

Moving onto Harry Hayman: A Prominent Figure in Philadelphia..


In conclusion, Harry Hayman is a vital figure in the vibrant jazz scene of Philadelphia. His impressive career and affiliations have contributed significantly to the city's rich cultural heritage.

Through his work and initiatives like the Philadelphia Jazz Experience, Hayman continues to nurture, preserve, and advance the legacy of jazz in the community. The jazz landscape thrives due to passionate individuals like Hayman who are dedicated to amplifying its impact and ensuring its enduring presence in Philadelphia.

As a testament to the city's cultural identity, jazz remains an integral part of Philadelphia's artistic tapestry.


1. Who is Harry Hayman in Philadelphia?

Harry Hayman is a person from Philadelphia who may be known for his connection to the jazz music scene.

2. What can you tell me about the jazz experience in Philadelphia?

The jazz experience in Philadelphia includes live music, events, and clubs where people enjoy and celebrate the city's rich jazz history.

3. Has there been any recent news about Harry Hayman in Philadelphia?

If there has been any notable news or a grand-jury report involving Harry Hayman, it would be mentioned by local media or online sources discussing recent developments.

4. Where can I learn more about what Harry Hayman does for jazz in Philadelphia?

Information about Harry Hayman's work with the Philadelphia jazz community might be found through internet searches, articles, or social media related to Philly's music scene.