” data-original-title title>Aidan Cafferty on compositions “There’s Always a Place”, and the eponymous “Ephemera” adds a layer of diversity and highlights the album’s folk-rock influences. The themes of Ephemera revolve around the idea of impermanence and imageries of keepsakes and memorabilia. From the math-rock rhythms of “Coveted” to the lyrical sweetness of “Anything But”, Ephemera promises ot captivate listeners with interesting compositions and memorable performances.

About Olin Clark

Olin Clark is a guitarist and composer living in New York City. As a composer and arranger, Olin’s music has been performed by many ensembles around the United States and abroad. Olin released his debut album Bright in January 2018, as well as Live at Bar Next Door in May 2020. His most recent project, Pieces—a co-led jazz trio from NYC—has released two albums since September 2021, 1A and Lupine which have featured many of Olin’s compositions.

Olin has toured extensively around the US and Spain, as well as performing Internationally at festivals such at the Trinidad & Tobago Jazz Festival and the Windsor Jazz Festival.Olin has performed with artists such as Etienne Charles’ Creole Soul, Patrick Bartley’s J-MUSIC Pocket Band, Marcus Elliot, Randy Napoleon, Milo Z, Brad Fritcher’s MOODS, and MSU Jazz Orchestra I.

Outside of jazz, Olin has played with artists across many different genres including rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop. He completed a Master’s in Jazz Performance at Michigan State University in 2017, where he also earned his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies in 2015. Olin has studied with

Randy Napoleon
Randy Napoleon


, Perry Hughes, and Michael Hyde. He has made appearances in recordings with the Olin Clark Trio, Pieces, Lee “Scratch” Perry, HUSH, Lily Talmers, Speak Easy, Cameron Blake, and Jahshua Smith.

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